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You are on a path to achieving your dreams. You too can become Empowered, and choose your life's direction. When you enroll in Empowerment Made Simple today...

This is what you get:

  • Empowerment Made Simple: 52 weekly lessons designed to guide you towards finding your life's purpose, accomplishing every goal you've set forth, and achieving the life fulfilment you deserve (including all the money you want, healthy relationships you crave, the career of your dreams, and unshakable confidence) -- The Ultimate Self-Guide to Personal Empowerment (valued at $5,400)

  • 4 live group training calls per month, scheduled on different days and times (to accommodate multiple time zones) (valued at $2,400 /year)

  • Submit one personal question, or dilemma to Intuitive Empowerment Life Coach Roger Burnley, per month via email, for a solution (valued at $1,900 /year)

  • Access to a library of group chats where you will find answers to practically any question you might have in your life (valued at $7,800+ /year)

  • Exclusive access to a private Facebook community where you will receive valuable feedback, inspiration, knowledge, and build relationships with like-minded individuals (valued at $2,000 /year)

  • BONUS #1: Access to my stand-alone meditation program, "Finding Answers Within" (valued at $299)

  • BONUS #2: Roger Burnley's personal 365-Day DOUBLE Guarantee ONLY for Lifetime Members! If you complete all 52 weekly lessons, do all of the work, and you have NOT transformed into an Empowered individual, or made any improvements to your life situation, after your first YEAR of the program, Roger will refund DOUBLE your initial investment!! (valued at $1,994)

  • "Failure is not an option. I will pay you DOUBLE what you invested into this program if you're not successful. That's how much I believe in this program. That's how much I believe in you. You cannot fail. Not only have I literally given you nothing to lose, but I will PAY YOU if you somehow do. Become empowered NOW."

    ~ Roger Burnley

    Total Value: $20,623+



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